Public Relations

We propose the best solutions for our clients’ goals,
Such as Improve business performance, Secure talented personnel, Appeal to the investors, Grow brand names.

We focus on the social value of our client’ business. And then can plan the PR strategy that utilized the value of the client effectively.

PR Consulting Div. Media Relations team
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Support to make PR strategy

We match the requirements for clients who would like to request either partial or entire entrustment of their PR activities.. We set PR plans together with clients and perform PR activities based on that plan. We provide a wide range of services such as creating and sending out news releases, enhancing media relations, planning and operating press events, drafting new PR themes etc.

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Press Events

We plan and manage press events. We propose how to show your contents from the perspective of a PR professional. We provide one-stop services – planning press event content, choosing venues, creating and sending out news releases and invitations, inviting media, creating presentation materials, proposing presentation methods, creating Q&A scripts and event scripts, assigning moderators and entertainers, creating handouts etc.
On the day of the event, we conduct media correspondence, progress management, sound, lighting and directing. Furthermore, we provide media follow up for a certain period after the event.

Case Studies

For leading a results,
How to hold Press conference, Press session, Round-table conference, Tour of the plant, etc.

When your company does PR events for press, your company can approach various targeted media at once, such as newspapers, magazines, web media, television. For the press event, it takes time and effort to examine preparations and methods. However, the attitude of telling something and making a Press event is the first step in building a good relationship with the media.

PR events of B to B companies that we provide, for example, may be shown as shown on the right. It is a way of considering targeted products and services in terms of image strategy and logical strategy. In the image strategy, what is more important than what is just an image, what you can see is what you need to visually understand concrete things. In the logical strategy, prepare the logical explanation and accompanying production from abstract representation.

We will prepare both of these and select target media as well. There are cases where both image and explanation strategies are constructed from media selection. The method of announcement suitable for the media deepens the understanding of the media, and as a result it leads to acquisition of customers.

The PR event here refers to the whole method of gathering in the media and providing information. A press conference, a press conference, a press briefing, various tours, etc. fall under. There are differences in how to call depending on the way and contents.

There are reasons that we can recommend for small companies as well as large companies.

We plan and manage various PR events from fundamental things to ways that distinguish features. The following is a reference example. For inquiries about other cases and details, please contact us by contact page or e-mail.

6 steps of PR event


Purpose setting

“Increase awareness of company name and brand name” “Human resources acquisition” “Appeal to industry” “Appeal to investors” etc.



What media to tell what media
How big is it to do



Examination of venue, exhibition (directing) method
Budget determination



Create and send information release, media correspondence
Understand the planned visitors

Preparation for management on the day

Progressive script, Q & A, preparation (production) preparation
Advance meeting with guest etc.



Media compatible
Progress management


Follow up

Approach to absent media, promotion of articles
Individual coverage, clipping

Start of media relation

From time to time news release
Building relationship

Probability of corporate brand

Media always recognize as a candidate for a specific theme / industry coverage

Scale image of PR event and operation support cos

〜5 medium (5 people)

〜10 medium (10 people)

〜20 medium (20 people)

〜30 medium (30 people)

Over 31 media (31 people)

Estimated planning and operation expenses of PR events (All consumption tax not included)
■ Target number of media 

Up to 5 media 100,000 yen

About 10 mediums 200,000 yen

20 medium or more 350,000 yen〜

■ Included in cost

□Proposal method of presentation
□Create invitation letter
□Media list creation and invitation (interview correspondence)
□Venue selection
□Proposal of presentation method (including exhibition, production)
□Creation of an anticipated question and answer collection (Q & A)
□Proceeding scripts and preparing manuscripts
□Handouts, suggestions of Giveaway
□On the day media compliance, progress management
□Following after holding, article clipping
■ Extra cost

□Venue fee
□Staging, exhibition, construction cost in the venue
□Assigner, talent etc etc, assignment fee
□Acoustics · Lighting cost
□Advertisement conversion
□Distribution material printing cost more than a certain amount

PR Strategy Consulting

We carefully consider your customer value, competitive advantage and social value from the perspective of PR professionals and then we set a highly specialized PR strategy. We provide value-added media relations for you based on our experience and achievements.

Cultivation of human resources and Exchange Meeting

This is a service for clients who want to strengthen their internal PR system. We have an original program where PR representatives can learn fundamentals and theories. You can participate in the “ Practice seminar Corporate PR”organized by ARGO Marketing Solutions, or your company can take individual programs in 3-month periods within a 5-year span. Additionally, networking events are held once a month in Tokyo Marunouchi and popular among PR industry individuals who enjoy sharing common issues and concerns. 

■Practice seminar Corporate PR (Japanese Only)
Practice seminar Corporate PR
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■Networking events (Japanese Only)
Networking events