Company’s Profile

ARGO marketing solutions Co., Ltd.

Head Officce 1F, 2-3-2Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 100-0005
TEL.+81-(0)3-5533-8808 FAX.+81-(0)3-6809-3969
Establish May 2002
Capital 6,800,000 JPY
President Satoyasu Takita
URL http://argo-ms.com
E-Mail argoargo-ms.com



The Green Purchasing Network (GPN)

Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

JEAN Japan Environmental Action Network


Particular field Manufacturing industry / energy device / environment management / Financial Services / food / agriculture / architecture / ocean / NPO, NGO

Our Mission

  • Provide useful information to the world Accurately and intelligibly. To make excellent business with you.

Our background and Network

In the early 1990s, we built our expertise in architecture, electronics and environmental marketing. However since 2000 we have further developed our experience in manufacturing marketing and communication strategies.
Recently new marketing techniques have been constantly emerging . These techniques are in fact the key for businesses to succeed. On the other hand, in the case of B to B practice based on theory is also necessary.
In 2017, our company opened an office in Silicon Valley ,U.S.A.. We now provide highly specialized services globally from Tokyo in Japan, in collaboration with Bangalore in India, Shenzhen in China, Taipei in Taiwan and Florence in Italy.


April, 1997 ・Satoyasu Takita, CEO starts business as a management consultant
February, 2000 ・Enrissima establishment that I market and consult for in Suginami-ku, Tokyo for medium and small-sized businesses Ltd.
October, 2000 ・To start IT, new business development consulting survice
October, 2004 ・To move the head office to Minato-ku, Tokyo
October, 2006 ・Management innovation plan approval company authorization is acquired as commercial design, commercial facilities produce by the cooperation with the Italy company
October, 2007 ・I develop commercial facilities development business in United States, New York
January, 2010 ・I work and integrate it with Demi PR (the May, 2002 establishment of a business) of the company public relations business support around the field of environment, food, health Ltd. and change a company name in Demi public relations Co., Ltd.
・Service “PR success net” start providing know-how of the company public relations on the Internet
・To move the head office to Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
March, 2011 ・In Asahi-shi, Chiba as research and development base of the environmental technology (green technical center) Kujukuri laboratory (former:) I install Ethical PR laboratory).
・Study session for public relations practitioners start for the medium and small-sized business of the small company.
November, 2012 ・For the purpose of reinforcement of the environmental management. To move the head office to Asahi-shi, Chiba and set up Tokyo Office in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
February, 2013 ・To start activity for reserch of the ocean
October, 2015 ・”PR practice seminar” start for the new person in charge of the company public information
April, 2016 ・To develop marketing consulting in Italy, Milan,
August, 2017 ・To change a company name of it to ARGO marketing solution Co., Ltd.
・The service that utilized world wide network is started for the marketing of the field of BtoB and technical consulting by a main shaft
・To strengthen public relations consulting specialized in the field of BtoB
・To move the head office to Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・To set up a U.S. office in California Santa Clara