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Promoting digital manualization in the industrial field with MR (Mixed Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) A package service that combines applications that can be used in the factory line and branding PR launched on June 13th

ARGO Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Satoyasu Takita, 03-5533-8808), which develops practical support business for B2B (Business to Business) PR, sales, and sales promotion will launch a package service of a set of digitalization manual in the industrial field that is created by MR (Multiple Reality) using HoloLens and AR (Augmented Reality) technology using smartphone etc and branding PR (PR for public awareness and its improvement) on June 13th.

The feature of this service is to select the latest technology such as MR and AR or other usable devices according to the target and purpose, develop application software according to it, and create products such as CG, and also provide branding PR in one stop.

The development of the digital manual, which has been conducted on a trial basis is now in progress, and we are now able to introduce the proposal. With this, companies are able to accelerate their efforts to improve their credibility and brand image, such as compliance with work standards, job training, and assurance of quality control through digital manualization.

The HoloLens is a goggle type of head mount display device developed by Microsoft and launched in Japan in 2016. Since a virtual space based on a three-dimensional hologram can be created in the real space, such as  CG, hologram, videocan etc can be superimposed and projected on the real world. For applications that are unnecessary to have such a high level so far, it is also possible to create an easy-to-use, reasonable AR application using a smartphone etc.

In response to the increasing digitization needs of factory lines in recent years, we will expand the range of technology for application software development and aim to provide more practical services.

【Overview of Package Service】 -Correspondence range: Process that has problem in work difficulty level, work procedure adherence, quality control in industry field -Contents of service: Develop unique application software according to usage and purpose by MR and AR, and formulate operation plan -Expense: Fluctuation depending on the project -Benefits of digitization: For job training, HR development, improvement of work efficiency of beginners, improvement of certainty of quality control and improve the credibility to the company’s approach and their brand image -Contact person: Digital sales promotion team TEL: 03-5533-8808 Email:

【About ARGO Marketing Solutions Co. Ltd.】

We develop our businesses centered on providing practical services of public relations, sales, and sales promotion.  

<Business features> 1.We respond to the various needs of client companies with practical know-how in line with structural changes in society and evolving media. 2.We have advisors in engineering doctorate, risk management, small and medium enterprise diagnoses, to formulate strategies from a technical side in technology, management, and intellectual standpoint. 3.Based on the concept of “site manager’s partner”, we combine consulting services and business execution services, and provide cost-effective business services that produce desired results.

【Company Information】 Argo Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd.

President: Satoyasu Takita       Establishment:  May 31, 2002  Capital: 32,800,000 yen 

Head Office: Yusen building 1F ,2-3-2,Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0005    TEL: 03-5533-8808

【Contact for this release】 PR : Taguma or Minami

TEL:03-5533-8808  FAX:03-5533-8801

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